Florida, the Sunshine State in the southeast of the USA is an ideal destination for families. In the very south, the Keys, small, enchanting islands that line up like pearls in the shining sea, lure you. But there is also an endless amount to discover on the mainland. Exciting cities, especially Miami, lots of untouched nature with crystal clear springs and rivers and for adrenalin junkys of course the countless amusement parks.

Especially families who like to be active in nature will find a true paradise in Florida: Kayak tours, nature observations, fishing and also simply enjoy one of the fantastic beaches while collecting shells.

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, for example, is a special discovery.

Shopoholics find a paradise in one of the numerous outlet stores.

Whether you are looking for a lively holiday region or more of a lonely place, Florida has something for everyone.

While the winters in Florida can get quite cold at times, at this time you have the best conditions to observe manatees. Spring from March to May is usually already pleasantly warm. Ideal for bathing and being active. Summer is usually hot and Hurricane Season is in autumn.

Here you will find numerous travel reports and tips about the Sunshine State, or as we call it, the Flip-Flop State:

Familienreise Florida

Travel tips for Cape Coral

Cape Coral is not a beautiful place in the classical sense, but it is an ideal base for exploring the southwest of Florida. There are a lot of opportunities for excursions.