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Hotel Klosterbräu & Spa in Seefeld – heavenly times in a former monastery

Despite luxury and style, the five-star Hotel & Spa Klosterbräu in Seefeld in Tyrol, Austria, has nothing artificial about it. It is down-to-earth in an honest and pleasant way. A real feel-good hotel!

If there‘ s one thing I particularly love, it‘ s hotels that are managed with a great deal of heart. The five-star hotel Klostbraeu & Spa in Seefeld in Tyrol is one of these hotels. In the sixth generation, the Seyrling family runs the hotel with a lot of warmth and heartiness. A total of eight family members, not including the house dog Moritz, take care of the well-being of the guests. So it’s easy to feel uniquely comfortable as a guest, or Younique®, as they say in the Klosterbraeu.

Family Seyrling
The sympathetic hosts Alois & Agnes Seyrling with hotel dog Moritz

After an entertaining journey from Switzerland we reach the former monastery that was built in 1516.

Info: From monastery to hotel
On Maundy Thursday 1386 the miracle of the wafer of the host happened in Seefeld. According to the story, the knight Oswald wanted to have a large wafer in the church, just like the bishop. He forced this host with a weapon and thus provoked God’s wrath. Suddenly the stone floor under his feet became soft and Oswald began to sink into the ground. With his hands he held on to the altar and pulled himself out again. With a little imagination, his footprints and handprints can still be seen today in the stone floor and on the altar of the church.

After this experience Oswald was purified and lived as a monk. Thus Seefeld became a place of pilgrimage in Tyrol and Emperor Maximilian had the monastery built around 1516.

In the course of history the monastery passed into the possession of two men. The great-great-great-grandmother of the owner family married one of the two men. Unfortunately, he died early. Thereupon this great-great-great-grandmother married the other owner, Mr. Seyrling. So the house came and has remained in the possession of the Seyrling family until today.

Old walls have been skilfully combined with modern and alpine elements. We feel at home right away. After a welcome drink at the bar we were taken to our suite.

The rooms

Over a wide corridor with original monastery frescoes on the walls, we reach our suite for a long weekend. There, where the monk cells used to be, we find a modern, cosy room that leaves nothing to be desired. The living room can be separated from the sleeping room by a sliding door. Our son makes himself comfortable on the bed in the living room and we relax in the spacious bedroom.

The former cloister with the „monk cells“
sleeping room
The cosy and stylish sleeping room

The bathroom is also very luxurious and nothing reminds of the ascetic life of the monks who once lived here.

A spacious feel-good bathroom

Enjoyment and culinary

Also as far as the physical well-being is concerned, nothing reminds here of the simple life in the monastery. After a guided tour through the 500 year old wine cellar we can see for ourselves at the Tyrolean buffet in the main restaurant Gewoelbekeller.

In the monastery cellar

No wishes are left unfulfilled here. A paradise in a monastery! What I particularly like is the fact that the guests are dressed adequately to the cultivated ambience. Unfortunately, this is no longer a matter of standard in some good hotels.

The gateway to pleasure
Culinary delights

The cuisine is delicious and fresh.

The same positive impression continues with breakfast on the next morning and later during a visit to the hotel’s own Braukeller & Grill restaurant. To my delight, special attention is also paid to the regionality of the products.

Here you find steaks, burgers and more

The Pianobar

After dinner we enjoy a nightcap at the Pianobar.

In the Lobby

The drinks menu of the bar leaves nothing to be desired. A speciality of the in-house microbrewery is the champagne beer. In 2015, the Klosterbrau Brewery was awarded the title of Austria’s best microbrewery. Six types of organic beer are brewed and served here.

A great selection of beers

There is an open, friendly atmosphere everywhere and it is easy to relax and feel cared for. So we quickly fall asleep in the cozy beds with a good portion of anticipation for the next day.

Active with Clemens

Unfortunately the weather is cloudy on the next morning. Actually ideal weather to relax in the spa. However, we had planned to be a little more active and so we put on our hiking boots after breakfast despite the foggy mountains. Nature guy and family member Clemens welcomes us cordially in the lobby. We had planned a guided hike on the Gschwandtkopf. But it is covered in clouds, so we have to change our plans.

Wildsee Seefeld
The Wildsee in Seefeld

Clemens leads us to the Wildsee. Here you can feed „wild“ squirrels and sometimes also birds from your hand. What a lovely experience.

The squirrels take the food from our hand

After a short walk through the forest we reach the ski-jumps and the Nordic competence centre.

The Seefeld Olympic Region offers a wide range of summer and winter sports opportunities not only for Olympic athletes but also for normal guests. Clemens knows the area like the back of his hand and provides us with lots of interesting information about the country and its people, nature and sports.

The Seekirchl

We leave it at a short hike and look forward to visiting the spa afterwards.

Autumn in the Klosterbraeu

Feeling great in the spa and freezing in the sauna

I booked a massage for my son and myself. The individual treatment is discussed in advance to suit our wishes and needs. How could it be any different with my unrestrained longing for beach and sea, I get a treatment on a warm sand bed. Accompanied by monk chants I relax from minute to minute under the hands of the therapist. My only complaint would be the fact that 50 minutes pass far too fast. Also my son comes back from his massage noticeably relaxed and his back, plagued by the heavy schoolbag, was noticeably relieved.

Time to explore the sauna. When we arrive, the sauna master is already preparing the sauna session. We can choose between eight theme saunas. The highlight is the „Hot time Sauna“. The spacious, completely hand-carved sauna is a real gem. The entrance door to the textile-free sauna is the entrance to a truly heavenly pleasure.

handcarved sauna
The entrance to the handcarved sauna

Here we are instructed by the sauna master about the course of the session and we experience a very unusual sauna session. After we have treated our joints with a cooling gel and ice, we sit in the sauna with a temperature of about 80 degrees centigrade and shiver. Unbelievable, but true! After this extraordinary sauna session we feel wonderfully refreshed and relaxed. A great, very recommendable experience!

The resting area „Bierwunder“ is also a unique experience, which is only available here in the Hotel & Spa Klostererbraeu. Here in the monastic vaulted cellar there is a beer fountain where the spa guests can help themselves. Simply divine! The entire spa area comprises about 3500 square metres.

indoor pool
A spacious indoor pool
The Jacuzzi is especially inviting

In addition to a large indoor pool, a heated outdoor pool with mountain panorama can be used in summer and winter. Of course we don’t miss this one either.

Carriage ride to Wildmoosalm

Not only in the hotel, but also outside, numerous activities are tempting. The next day we decide to use the beautiful weather for a horse carriage ride to the Wildmoosalm.

horse-drawn carriage
The horse-drawn carriage takes us to the Wildmoosalm

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After a short snack, we descend for about an hour on foot through the forest, back to Seefeld and the Hotel & Spa Klostererbraeu. The sun twinkles between the trees. Life is good!

Wandern Seefeld
The area around Seefeld is a beautiful hiking region
View Seefeld
View Seefeld

Our conclusion:

The five-star Hotel & Spa Klosterbraeu in Seefeld in Tyrol is a hotel where you feel at home as a guest and cared for with a lot of heart by the host family Seyrling and their employees.

The high standard of the hotel has nothing artificial about it. Despite a good portion of luxury and style, it is down-to-earth in an honest and pleasant way. A real feel-good hotel!

In this sense I wish you many relaxed and enjoyable moments.

With sunny greetings,

More info about Hotel & Spa Klosterbräu

How to get thereRoomsCuisineActivitiesFamily
  • Seefeld in Tirol can be reached by car from Zurich in about three hours. The Hotel & Spa Klosterbraeu is located in the pedestrian zone. The car may be parked in front of the hotel for loading and unloading. There is a valet service here. The parking spaces are subject to a charge.
  • You can easily reach Seefeld in Tyrol by train from Zurich with a change in Innsbruck.
  • The nearest airport is Innsbruck
  • 57 double & 33 suites. These are partly very different from the style and according to personal preference selectable – from traditional, to modern. Families and guests with dogs are also welcome here.
  • Further information and prices can be found here: Room & Suites
  • For breakfast there are two restaurants to choose from. One for the main breakfast with TCM and one for the late riser breakfast until 12 noon.
  • All in all, the hotel offers eight different dining locations.
  • Apart from dinner there are light regional dishes at noon in the bistro.
  • We ate with a brewery both as part of the half board and in the steak house and were always impressed by the quality and taste of the food.
  • For guests with dogs there is a separate dining area. As a family without a dog we found this very considerate and pleasant.
  • There are many sporting activities in the region, summer and winter, as well as an offer from the Hotel Klosterbräu itself, such as guided hiking tours with Clemens and eBike tours.
  • In Seefeld you will find some nice shops and the place invites you to stroll. Innsbruck can be reached by car in half an hour.
  • For families there are rooms with separate rooms available.
  • A playroom in the house is next to a children’s playground in the garden
  • six times per week a child care from 14 to 22 o’clock is offered

Disclosure: Our research trip took place at the invitation of Hotel Klosterbräu & Spa. My opinion remains unaffected by this

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