Khao Sok – a good night sleep in the trees

Baumhaus Veranda
Baumhaus Hotel

Those who want to experience the jungle in a very special accommodation should not miss the tree house resorts in the Khao Sok Nationalpark.
We went on a daytrip to Khaos Sok Nature Resort and had a look at the tree houses. Unfortunately we did not stay overnight.

River Canoe

The resort is located about an hour’s drive from Khao Lak and it has tree houses that are also suitable for families. The bathroom with waterfall shower has no roof, so the shower can be taken under the stars. This is a place to feel the jungle and to relax.

Baumhaus Lobby

We enjoyed our lunch in the small restaurant overlooking the river. While we were eating the monkeys were jumping around us hoping that they could grab something to eat from our plates. The children were thrilled, of course. I found it a bit annoying that we had to try to keep the monkeys away during our lunch – but however Iwas the intruder in their area 😉

Affen im Khao Sok Nationalpark

The resort really has a special flair and I recommend it for adventurous families with slightly older children and for backpackers.


To sleep in the trees is certainly a very special highlight! Anyway you should not fear heights. Some of the tree houses are pretty high up!
There are so many great things to discover! Go for it!

With sunny regards,

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