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Phang Nga Bay – sea canoe

Phang Nga Bay

A very special birthday present

A tour that you should definitely plan while you are in Khao Lak is a trip to Phang Nga Bay. There rugged limestone cliffs rise almost vertically from the sea. One of them is the famous James Bond Island from the movie „The man with the golden gun“.

Kalkstein Insel

We went to see the bay on the tenth birthday of our son. It was a bright and sunny morning when we took the boat from the north of Phuket Island. After a relaxed journey we arrived at the rocks of Phang Nga Bay. The boat anchored near one of the rocks and we changed into inflatable canoes. Two by two in a canoe a crew member paddled us towards the rocks.

Einfahrt zur Donut-Insel

As we got closer, we suddenly saw a cave entrance leading into one of the rocks. The passage was very shallow and it can only be passed at low tide. Sometimes we even had to lay back to avoid banging our heads to the ceiling. Numerous bats were hanging from the ceiling and they were probably confused about our visit. It was indeed a bit scary but fortunately there were no snakes in the cave. After a short while we saw daylight at the other end and we arrived in a lagoon inside the rock island. Some of the rocky islands have the shape of a donut. On the outside there is a huge, almost vertical rock wall and on the inside there is a large, open space filled with sea water.

Sea Canoe Phang Nga

On the green and sometimes even wooded cliffs a gang of monkeys was playing with their babies. The audience was delighted! Yet I wonder who was the audience?

Sea Canoe in der Phang Nga Bucht

After we had returned to the boat there was a lot going on in the galley. A delicious Thai curry was being prepared for us. After we had finished our meal the crew members started to sing a birthday song for our son and they even gave him a birthday cake. What a nice surprise! But the best gift was yet to come …

After we had eaten the delicious cake we grabbed the canoes for a small turn on the lovely sea. On the horizon the sun started to set and our captain told us to come back to the boat. A short while after the boat had started there was a great spectacle going on! The sea sparkled in the evening sun. Suddenly, at least half a dozen eagles appeared behind the boat and followed us. The crew members threw food for them in the air, which the eagles caught while they were flying. What a great and unexpected birthday present for our son who adores birds of pray and who wants to become a falconer. Huge, beautiful eagles came to wish him a very happy birthday – he was overwhelmed.


A beautiful day and a very special birthday finally came to an end. It`s unique experiences like this one we want our kids to remember. From every journey, no matter how near or far, we bring back such very special memories.

Maybe I can motivate you to go out and look yourself for your special travelling moments! It’s worth it. Something extraordinary is waiting out there for you!

Sunny regards,

Kanu in Phang Nga

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